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Yachts come in all sizes today utilising sophisticated audio-visual (AV) and control technology.  Balearic AV creates fully integrated multi-media rooms and entertainment systems.  Balearic AV will work with your project managers to provide a bespoke system unlike any other.


  • IPTV Yacht Systems

  • 4K Cinema Rooms

  • Apple Control & Integration

  • Karaoke Systems

  • Media Servers

  • Night Club Systems

  • Advanced Audio Systems

  • Video Distribution

  • Outdoor Audio

  • Outdoor Surround Sound Cinema

  • Projection Systems

  • Seatel / KVH World TV Systems

  • Aethetic Concious Interiors

  • Integrated Control Systems


  • Lighting Design

  • Lighting Integration

  • Lighting Programming

  • Underwater Lighting

  • Night Club Lighting


  • Remote System Monitoring

  • Pro-Active Maintenance

  • 24/7 365 Days a year


  • VSAT Installation and Airtime

  • Advanced Self-Healing WiFi

  • Cloud Controlled Network Switches

  • Network Analytics, Device Usage Monitoring

  • Remote Managed Networks

  • Managed Security & Application Control

  • NAS Servers

  • Content Filtering

  • Apple Friendly Networks

  • IP Phone Systems


  • DVR

  • Smart Security

  • Service Selectors


  • TV Lifts

  • Custom Automation

  • Safety Sensors


  • AutoCAD Design Service

  • System Documentation New/ Existing

  • Logo Designs/ Yacht Stationary

  • Yacht Graphics

  • Touch Panel Designs

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