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We do more than just install exceptional technology. We create unique and engaging home environments. Whether you want something casual, something sophisticated, or something completely over the top, we can design the perfect solution for your one-of-a-kind personality and home whether you’re in the United Kingdom, Balearic Islands, Europe mainland or anywhere in the world. Contact Us for more information. 


Home Theaters

Enjoy movie theater quality image and sound in the comfort of your home with a custom home theater system.


Media Rooms

Don’t want to dedicate space to a home theater? Let us install a state-of-the-art media system in your living room.


Music Systems

Music is meant to be heard, but not seen. We can install a house-wide multi-room audio system that will provide audiophile quality sound from completely hidden speakers through your whole home.


Smart Home Automation and Control

The term “smart home” has been around for many years, but the age of the true smart home has finally arrived.

Wired and Wireless Data Networks

The data network is the backbone of any home, almost every component from the television to the the lights needs a well structured, reliable and future-proof network.


IP and Digital Telephony

The phone might be old fashioned, but remains a crucial part in life. If it is cordless or wired, residential or business, at Balearic AV we've got it covered.

Motorized Shading and Draperies

Motorized window shades are just as beautiful than their manual counterparts, but a much more elegant option for your home.


Service and Maintenance Plans

We don’t just install new systems – We can maintain and take care of all the electronic systems in your home, even if the we did not do the initial install.


Lighting Control Systems

In 1879, Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. In 1959, Joel Spira, the founder of Lutron Electronics, invented the solid state dimmer.


Security and Surveillance

The latest security and surveillance systems are so much more than simple burglary deterrents for your home.


Builder and Developer Services

We also specialise in designing custom technology solutions for residential developments that help promote and sell communities.

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